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Canadian Member of Parliament (Chris Lewis) visits Iraq

Canadian Member of Parliament (Chris Lewis) visits Iraq with a high-level delegation From Britain, USA, the European Union, and the State of Iceland, headed by Majid Al-Shafei, President of One Free World International, and Mr. Khassan F Saka, President of Integrative Canadian Group Organization. The delegation included nine Members. The visit lasted five days in Baghdad and Erbil, where the President of the Republic of Iraq. and His Excellency the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki met and His Excellency Ammar al-Hakim the head of the Al-Hikma Movement, and the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Labor, the Minister of Immigration and the Displaced, and In Kurdistan the delegation met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Transport and Communications in the Kurdistan Region. And Various political and religious figures.

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